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Don't Forget Home Security! A Guide To Keeping Remote Workers Safe & Secure


If you could bundle an office worker from the year 2003 into a time machine and bring them to the present day, they wouldn’t believe how different things are.

And not just how much better the tech is. Our work environment has changed just as much.

The traditional office has undergone a radical transformation. For many of us, we no longer have to suffer the daily commute, the stress of making it on time when traffic’s bad, and the constant interruptions from people passing your desk. Today, your office can be the kitchen table, the local coffee shop, or even a hammock in your garden (weather permitting).

Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? But hold on a moment. There’s a catch. Whilst this newfound freedom and flexibility has undeniably boosted productivity, employee engagement, and retention rates, it has also thrown open a Pandora’s box of security concerns.

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